October 20th, 2018

Welcome to our HiddenEnergy.org blog. We’ll be sharing news, interviews and other commentaries about the breakthrough energy revolution and the bigger picture it’s emerging into. Climate change is only one part of that big picture.

The “we” in this post consists of Jeane Manning and Susan Manewich, co-creators of our book Hidden Energy. You’ve asked when our book will be published. At the moment we’re waiting for certain information about it, but we’ll let you know as soon as we have a publication date. We’re eager to get all of its good news, information, and insights into your hands.

In the meantime, let’s start the conversations that are needed.

Today (Jeane writing this post) I read about the people’s internet envisioned by one of the founders of the World Wide Web. Sir Tim Berners-Lee wants to re-orient the web to its original vision, what founders had in mind before it diverged into controlling and profiteering by a few mega-corporations. His original vision was of a decentralized global network, a collaborative space for all humankind.

Tim  is apparently working fast and furious to create that free and open Internet which will give people back the control over their own data. As with the inventions that we write about in Hidden Energy, appropriate technology can be a powerful tool for good if used wisely.

As with Berners-Lee’s vision for a decentralized network, small-is-beautiful is our favorite type of electrical energy generator.

Standard alternatives can give you the analogy for what we are thinking about: if most homeowners in sunny locales put enough photovoltaic (solar electric) panels on their rooftops so they could unhook from the grid, they would have decentralized power.

Solar will be more centralized, however, if utility companies build huge solar farms that cover many acres with solar panels to power the grid. Homeowners would not have real energy independence.  

 Hidden Energy describes types of non-standard alternatives such as water-as-fuel and resonant electrical circuits, but it’s mainly about the bigger issues that the human family must deal with before people can “free the energy” of the new inventions. We’re excited about what’s coming!