MEDIA RELEASE: For immediate release – February 2020

New book Hidden Energy offers hope for a brighter future

Emotional well-being, ethics, and social justice may seem unconnected to innovations that generate electricity. However, the co-authors of Hidden Energy: Tesla-inspired Inventors and a Mindful Path to Energy Abundancesee such topics as interlinked, and crucial to both personal empowerment and solving environmental problems.

Susan Manewich, based in Massachusetts, heads the grassroots organization New Energy Movement ( Her professional career has included teaching Emotional Intelligence at major universities. In her work and as a mother of a teenager, she is concerned about teen mental health statistics. Many young people report being depressed and fearful. They cite environment degradation by fossil fuels as one of the causes.

“Our book Hidden Energy can help them,” Manewich says. “On one level it’s about innovators making breakthroughs, to provide small energy generators that need no fuel and don’t pollute. On a deeper level, it’s about a mindful path—to a more conscious civilization.”

Co-author Jeane Manning, based across the continent in western Canada, adds, “We know that zero-carbon, low-cost electricity for the people of Earth isn’t a cure-all. But if used wisely it’s a huge tool for shifting society off carbon fuels without building nuclear power plants.”

Manning’s degree is in sociology, yet she spent more than thirty years interviewing scientists who study how energy moves in nature. She is motivated by her three children and now grandchildren—wanting clean air, unpolluted water and a more peaceful world for them.

“We reach out to young climate activists,” Manning said. “When they see a different way forward, some perceive that acting from an open heart is more effective than anger. Having knowledge that’s empowering, and hope, helps them to be heard in a world changing way.”


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