Magazine praises Hidden Energy  

Infinite Energy magazine’s technical editor, Bill Zebuhr Ph.D., is impressed with our book Hidden Energy, according to a note on

He notes, “The book is well-conceived and well-executed and will be helpful to anyone who wants to get an overview of the new energy field.”

The website adds that chapter 5 of Hidden Energy quotes Zebuhr from an Infinite Energy editorial: “Most evidence of the possibility of radically different and better technology is not actually hidden, but simply ignored and belittled by the mainstream.”

He thinks this is “a key to why the book is important and why it is successful.”

Zebuhr elaborates: “The evidence is not hidden but is also not able to be demonstrated to most observers. The Universe is actually far more subtle and difficult to grasp than is acknowledged by mainstream science…The authors understand the observation skills of, for example, Schauberger viewing vortices in streams and how he was able to extract so much information from his observations. The observations were enhanced by an intuitive grasp.”

With permission from us, the authors, Infinite Energy reprinted chapters from the book. Chapter 2, “Revolutionary Meets Gatekeeper,” about The Fourth Phase of Water author Gerald Pollack, was published in Issue 150. Issue 151/152 contains Chapter 8, “Tesla: The Man and the Tower.”

The book is now available from Infinite Energy as well as from Amazon and FriesenPress.