I was inspired by the work of the late David Bohm, Ph.D., and urge you to watch the film Infinite Potential: The Life & Ideas of David Bohm.

The dramatic and uplifting documentary is free for online viewing—for a limited time.

Bohm put science on a path toward wholeness. His understanding of a holistic universe is based on movement, constant becoming, unfolding and enfolding.

A professor on one of the panel discussions about the film noted that, right now, the reductionistic materialistic mindset is still entrenched, (Reductionistic thinking reduces everything into separate parts. David Bohm instead saw everything as interconnected.)

The panelist, Dr. Jan Wallen, said maybe a future science will be grounded in wholeness. Science will always evolve.

That’s not just history, as with Galileo and Sir Isaac Newton who changed the thinking in their time. The 20th century saw changing of the thinking— Einstein’s relativity, then quantum theory.

(If you’ve read Hidden Energy you know that a further scientific revolution is brewing. We expect that it will reveal the role of a life force permeating and supporting all that is.)

“Maybe in the future we’ll have relational, wholistic science,” the professor said.

“By 2050 our whole notion of what scientific explanation is might change.”

Another scientist describes Bohm’s interpretation of quantum mechanics as “an extremely radical metaphysics of nature.” And Bohm’s views have been supported by features of quantum mechanics.

Besides seeing the holistic nature of the world and the role in it of a unique kind of information, Bohm saw that everything is based on an intelligence. Mind, not just matter.

– Jeane