Videos from the Energy Science & Technology Conference can blow your mind. In a good way. As if presentations from the genius Eric Dollard weren’t enough, today I watched one of Dr. James DeMeo’s ESTC 2020 talks.

It’s a paradigm-buster, just as his talks at last year’s conference were. It’s about a breakthrough in scientific theory and experimental proofs—of life-energy.

Dr. DeMeo is a seasoned researcher. I interviewed him for Explore New Dimensions magazine in the 1990s when neither of us had gray hair. His story goes back long before that.

When Jim DeMeo was a university science student deciding on his graduate work, he had already seen evidence that the late Dr. Wilhelm Reich’s discoveries are real—despite the impression given by Reich’s critics. DeMeo in his student years convinced some open-minded professors to let him do his Master’s thesis and doctoral dissertation on a controversial topic—Reich’s work.

As a result, DeMeo was the first to get university post-grad degrees from having openly studied the work of Dr. Wilhelm Reich. DeMeo didn’t stop there, nor when larger universities didn’t want his disturbing—outside 20th century science’s beliefs—experiments and lectures. After ten years in academia, Dr. DeMeo eventually set up his own laboratory in the Oregon forest.

Fortunately, this year’s tragic fires spared Dr. DeMeo’s Orgone Biophysical Research Lab. The word “Orgone” was Dr. Reich’s way of describing the life-force.

The first of Dr. DeMeo’s ESTC 2020 talks that Aaron Murakami recently released is again about orgone energy experiments. “Part 2, Proof of a Cosmic Life-Energy” dives into technical procedures and results of experiments that proved that energy exists. His separate ether-presentation was also an extension of talks he did last year.

Why should non-technical people care whether a life force energy exists?

I could write a book in reply. Oh, that’s right; Susan Manewich and I did: Hidden Energy. Authors’ promotion aside, the existence of a living energy in our atmosphere, in the cosmos and in ourselves makes all the difference to your future.

It’s the difference between the materialistic, reductionistic worldview that raped the Earth and disregarded living beings, or the future of life-positive science and harmonious technology that could regenerate Earth, restore people’s health and allow mindful prosperity.

So the information from ESTC conferences is for everyone.