A documentary about David Bohm is a great followup to Thrive, which I so enjoyed. Einstein called Bohm his “spiritual son,” and the Dalai Lama named him as his “science guru.” A feature documentary Infinite Potential: The Life and Ideas of David Bohm was just released. The producer Paul Howard says Bohm merges, into his physics, “profound ideas which have been known for millennia by the mystical traditions of the east, a realization that the whole Universe is contained in each part of the universe and that all of time is contained in each and every passing moment. A wholeness that is held together by Consciousness itself.”

The film’s website itself is rich with insights, especially the blogposts by scientists who knew David Bohm.

Bohm was a brilliant physicist who explored consciousness and the underlying nature of reality. He glimped the profound interconnectedness of the Universe—and our place within it. Bohm’s insights are transformational for anyone. I (Jeane) watched the trailer  and ordered the film. I can’t overstate the importance of the film’s themes of wholeness, oneness, our essential interconnectedness and the evolving convergence of science and spirituality.