Planet of the Humans isn’t the big picture

I (Jeane) finally watched Planet of the Humans. The best parts of Michael Moore’s controversial eco-documentary in my view are: -the too-brief encounter with the wise and candid scientist Vandana Shiva, and – the quote at the end of the film. Pioneer environmentalist Rachel Carson said, “Humankind is challenged, as it has never been challenged [...]

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Magazine praises Hidden Energy

Magazine praises Hidden Energy   Infinite Energy magazine’s technical editor, Bill Zebuhr Ph.D., is impressed with our book Hidden Energy, according to a note on http://infinite-energy.com. He notes, “The book is well-conceived and well-executed and will be helpful to anyone who wants to get an overview of the new energy field.” The website adds that chapter [...]

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Hidden Energy Press Release

MEDIA RELEASE: For immediate release – February 2020 New book Hidden Energy offers hope for a brighter future Emotional well-being, ethics, and social justice may seem unconnected to innovations that generate electricity. However, the co-authors of Hidden Energy: Tesla-inspired Inventors and a Mindful Path to Energy Abundancesee such topics as interlinked, and crucial to both [...]

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Intuitive’s, Ancient Knowledge and Modern Science

Were intuitives and ancients onto something big? By Jeane Manning The SAFIRE Project is testing the electric sun theory, with fascinating results that we’ll talk about in another blogpost. When I studied the SAFIRE Project website I thought of what the late Walter Russell said: “There are no limitations set by this electric universe” upon [...]

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Citizen Activism; Letter to the Editor Kelowna, Canada

This letter appeared in the local newspaper in Kelowna, Canada advocating for greater education in breakthrough energy solutions. Please see original article here. There are solutions to energy, pollution Farlie Paynter Westbank Dear Editor: There always are solutions to the world problems. Energy and its pollution problems is certainly one of them. A local author, [...]

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Nikola’s Electric Car

(Nikola) Tesla drove a modified Pierce Arrow automobile with an electrical motor powered by what he called ‘cosmic energy’ (that was far more advanced than) the primitive technology now being produced using Tesla’s name.Adam Trombly, astrophysicist.   Nikola’s Electric Car    by Jeane Manning                                       “Why would Tesla decide to keep his invention a secret?” The [...]

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Hidden Energy Article: Keely Harnessed Vibrations

(Keely’s) revolutionary pioneering work has yet to be equaled or even understood by modern science. Dale Pond[i] Dawn Stranges PhD KEELY HARNESSED VIBRATIONS    By Jeane Manning                  The story of John Ernst Worrell Keely stretches our boundaries, our willingness to admit even considering such a radical saga. He was a musician and carpenter [...]

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Hidden Energy Update December 22, 2018

A Mindful Path to a Clean Energy Future. Listen to Bruce Langford interview Jeane Manning covering our upcoming book, Hidden Energy. Jeane discusses her work with scientists and engineers who seek a mindful and holistic perspective and how they approach non conventional clean energy technologies to help transform our world. Jeane also brings up the [...]

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Hidden Energy Update October 20th, 2018

  October 20th, 2018 Welcome to our HiddenEnergy.org blog. We’ll be sharing news, interviews and other commentaries about the breakthrough energy revolution and the bigger picture it’s emerging into. Climate change is only one part of that big picture. The “we” in this post consists of Jeane Manning and Susan Manewich, co-creators of our book Hidden [...]

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